RSGB News – The RSGB 2022 Strategy

RSGB News – The RSGB 2022 Strategy: The RSGB launched a new five-year strategy in April 2017 which is having an impact on plans and activities across the Amateur Radio Community and The RSGB Organisation. RSGB members are being kept informed through monthly updates in RadCom, however if you have missed The RSGB 2022 Stragey updates in RadCom, you can read the articles here.
The RSGB has also released a video update and are in the process of developing new ways of communicating with members and the wider amateur radio community. Note some links expire so if you get a 404notice, the RSGB has retired that article.

September RadCom: The latest on the changes to the syllabus and how it will affect your club training. Download

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