Region 12 Local Clubs & Groups

This page is a resource list to help you find other Local Amateur Radio Clubs and Groups and activities in Region 12: Suffolk, Essex, Cambridge and East Anglia. - Suffolk RED holds no responsibility for links being unavailable or out of date content on any other website.

East Suffolk RAYNET

For emergency communications infrastructure, planned communication for sporting events, supporting the community and offering solutions to volunteer services, charities and groups that need better manned communications than user's mobile phones to enhance this safety cover.

The Martlesham Radio Society

Founded in the distant past of the British Post Office Research facility in the 70's, now known as BT plc. The Club Shack is located at the BT Adastral Park site (until recently, BT Labs), with a locator of JO02PB. The Worked All Britain (WAB) square is TM24. Club Callsign: G4MRS

The Bury St Edmund’s Radio Club

Formed in September 1977 by John Munro,G3GBB (SK) and Peter Lumb, G3IRM (SK) who visited the club before his death. The club normally meet at 19.30 on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Rougham Tower Radar room, all year round.  Club Callsigns: G2TO and G6BSE

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Essex Hams

Founded in 2011. It originally launched as a website to help new M6 Foundation licence holders to get on-air, but thanks to input from many Essex-based amateurs, Essex Ham has been expanded to help promote and support the amateur radio hobby, as well as becoming a handy place to gather and share information.

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Leiston Amateur Radio Club

Founded in 1959 by Alan Martindale, G3MYA, who became aware of a number of people in East Suffolk had heard his transmissions and wanted to become involved in the hobby. The club currently holds meetings on the second Tuesday of every month except July and August, we also organise a VHF/UHF activity contest on the fourth Tuesday of the month from February to October. Club Callsign: GX6FS

Felixstowe and District Amateur Radio Society

Formed in 1983, Felixstowe & District ARS provides a varied programme of talks, visits and events roughly fortnightly throughout the year. The Society also co-hosts the annual East Suffolk Wireless Rally – the Ipswich Rally. Several members are very keen on contesting and are always looking for new operators. The main thrust of the Society, however, has always been radio training.

SARG South Anglia Repeater Group

Currently has eight repeaters under its control.We serve the local Amateur radio users and RAYNET with a method of communication over long distances, using low power radios with the repeater relaying over a wider area. The repeaters can also play a vital role in assisting emergency and user services when normal methods of communication have failed.


Formed in early 2006 as the social and public-facing side of the Cambridgeshire Repeater Group (CRG). The Camb-Hams are made up of people from many of, but not exclusively, the various Cambridge radio groups including CUWS (Cambridge University Wireless Society), CDARC (Cambridge and District Amateur Radio Club) and Cambridge RAYNET.  They meet on-air via the CRG’s VHF and UHF FM Voice repeaters, and at regular monthly Pye and Pint nights held on the first Wednesday of every month.

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Lowestoft District and Pye Amateur Radio Club

Prior to 1982/3 Lowestoft was blessed with two amateur radio clubs the Lowestoft and District Amateur Radio Club and the Pye Radio Club, Lowestoft and District Amateur Radio ClubThe former originating from the pre WW2 1920/30’s, earliest records show the club was registered with the Post Office in 1921 as the Lowestoft and District Wireless Radio Society. Club meetings were held at various venues around the town The YMCA that was originally somewhere in the first floor above what was until recently the Electricity board show rooms. The YMCA was then moved to premises up near to Park Road and opposite the Sparrows Nest, and finally meetings were held for some years at the Teaching Centre at Lovewell Road close to Kirkley Fen.Pye Radio ClubPye being an electronics based company, a number of staff were keen radio amateurs, and an interest group became part of The Pye Sports and Social Club. This helped fund equipment and a magnificent portable building to house it (now housing our junk and canteen facilities).The group flourished up until the closure of the site 1980/1.Most of the members attended the Lowestoft and District Amateur radio Club having membership of both, and so when the closure of the factory site was imminent, an agreement was reached with the powers that be to allocate the site we now inhabit in company with the Pye Pistol Club to continue our activities generously donating a lorry load of redicrete cement for the tower base hut base and the remainder is a strange little path which almost reaches the gate.After a short while it became a natural progression to amalgamate the two clubs. The amalgamation of the two meant more activity from the site and a more permanent home for the larger group. There was a certain amount of dissention mostly on club fees but on the whole it was a bloodless experience and The Lowestoft District and Pye Amateur Radio Club was born.Thanks to John Elsdon G4RLS for the info so far.

Forest Heath RAYNET

The Forest Heath Group of Raynet was formed in 1984, it’s distinctive callsign G1RFH being granted the following year.
Situated in the extreme west of it’s county, surrounded by forest and with two major air bases a few miles apart in it’s centre, the Forest Heath group maintain a regime of constant vigilance, with many others from surrounding groups assisting in it’s busy annual schedule.
The area serviced by the Forest Heath group had, during the early eighties, been overseen on a ‘caretaker’ basis by the West Norfolk group, on behalf of Suffolk county, but, with an increasing number of commitments being requested by User Services, a new, local, group was proposed.
The group’s catchment area encompasses most of the plantations maintained by the Forestry Commission, and the greater part of the group’s many commitments take place within the boundaries of this forest and in the towns and village settlements within it’s near environment.Much of it’s area is covered by Scots and Corsican pine forest plantations.
Regular events include Long Distance Walks and horse rides, cycle riding, motorcycle enduros and carnival parades.
Current membership stands at around thirty five.

The group’s on-air discussion forum takes place on Wednesday evenings at 20:30 on 144.625Mhz. All are welcome to call in and contrubute to the proceedings.

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