Previous Suffolk RED Events

This Previous Suffolk RED page, allows you to find out details of people you may have seen doing a demo table and didn't jot down their details. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact the Suffolk RED steering group via our Contact Page and we will be happy to assist.

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We circulate regular updates through the following channels: Codgers Mailing List, FDARS Mailing List, RSGB RadCom, Club Call Ins, Facebook & Twitter and our very own mailing list, which if you haven't signed up to already, please leave your email address next to your name in the signing in book at each event.

- The success of Suffolk RED is due to your attendance, and the kind offers of those who provide the ‘demo tables’
- hope to see you at the next event. 73's Sarah 2E0ISJ Chairman of Suffolk RED.

Suffolk RED 1

Radio Astronomy - G4YQC
CW operating - Chris G3XVL
Soldering Workshop - Dave G4HUP (SK)
Military Radio and Portable Man Ops - Ian G0OZS

Suffolk RED 2

Radio Programming – Keith G7CIY
Introduction to DMR – Andy M3FDQ
Quad ‘Copters and Drones – Jay M0JAJ
Magnetic Loop Antenna – Kevin G8MXV
RAYNET Packet/UI-View System - Iain G0OZS Russell G7OOW

Suffolk RED 3

Raspberry Pi - Peter G0DZB
Homebrew SDR – George M1GEO
Cat Control Your Rig – Steve M1ACB
Northern Lights Aurora - Paul G4YQC
Vector Network Analysers – Sam G4DDK

Suffolk RED 4

Amateur TV - Jason G7OCD
Portable HF - Mike - M0MCY
Dealing with EMC Issues - Alan - G3NYK
Building Slim Jim antenna - Rod - G3RTB
Morse Keys CW Demo - Martin G0PJO and Chris G3XVL

Suffolk RED 5

Matching and matching units - Peter G0DZB
VHF Meteor Scatter operation - Gavin M1BXF
Constructing the VK2ZOI 'flowerpot' antenna - Dave G4HUP

Suffolk RED 6

Portable QRP – Mike M0MCY
High Altitude Ballooning - Steve Randall G8KHW
PAT Testing and Professional PME advice - Malcom G4CXT

Suffolk Red 7

Operating Clinic – Malcolm G4CXT
CW QSO’s – Chris G3XVL and Martin G0PJO
Raspberry Pi Python scripting - Vaughn 2E0EDN
'link dipole' for portable operations - Mike M0MCY

Suffolk RED 8

CW - Martin G0PJO
Meter Calibration - Alan G3NYK
Designing Filters and Tuned Circuits – Sam G4DDK

Suffolk RED 9

Raspberry Pi - Chris G7VNN
CW & Morse Keys - Chris G3XVL
Measuring Inductance - Alan  G3NYK
WSPR and reverse beacon network - Colin
APRS and Flight RADAR with Raspberry Pi - Dave


Measuring transmission/return loss of filters, circulators, aerials etc between 10MHz and 5GHz - Graham G4FSG

Homebrew 144MHz solid state 1kW amplifier - John G3XDY

Display of APRS and Flight RADAR - Chris G7VNN

Summer Social - RED11

BBQ & Social Event 23rd July

Suffolk Aviation Museum

Foxhall Road IP10 0AH

Suffolk RED 12

Presentation on the aurora - Paul G4YQC
Vintage and military radio & Valve Testing - Iain G0OZS
Introduction to Python on Pi - Vaughn M0VLK
Innovation and Build - Colin G8LBS

Suffolk RED14

Nigel G0EBQ -  Sierra Multiband Transceiver
Roy G4JAC - RDF Equipment - Top band DF receivers
Chris G3XVL - CW Getting started Q&A Table

Suffolk RED15

Chris G7VNN - Pi - Robots, Arduino etc
Paul M0KIA & Alan M0JSA - Halo Build for 2m
Rob M0VFC -  He will be bringing along the kit he used for VK9/M0VFC.
Dom M0BLF - He will be bringing along SOTA and IOTA Equipment.
Ipswich Maker Group - Bringing along their robots and other assorted things relating to what they offer as a group.

Suffolk RED16

Keith G7CIY - Talk on DMR Radio & Local Repeaters
Kevan 2E0EHY & Adrian G7TYV - working with Raspberry Pi & Blackberry to operate DMR repeaters
Colin G8LBS - how to paint your home brew project enclosure and some home brew
Ian G0OZS - Assortment of Military radio equipment
RSGB - how to join the RSGB & Membership benefits

Suffolk RED17

June 27th - Suffolk Aviation Museum - Foxhall IP10 OAH

Suffolk RED BBQ Social

July 14th - Suffolk Aviation Museum Foxhall IP10 OAH

Suffolk RED & Suffolk Aviation Heritage Group Event - Celebrating Wireless Telegraphy & its part in Aviation History

July 15th - Suffolk Aviation Museum Foxhall IP10 OAH

Each Suffolk RED event provides an opportunity to have a informal look at the many and varied aspects of the hobby and provide contacts if there is something you might be interested in taking further. All ages welcome and our current venue Hallowtree Campsite Ipswich IP10 0JP has ample parking and disabled facilities. We have an active Facebook page:, a growing Pinterest board (yes there is a world of Radio & Electronics on Pinterest!) and coming soon an Instagram account. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact one of the Steering Group via email:

Suffolk RED is held every other month throughout the year on the last Wednesday of the month,
organised by a collaboration of amateur radio and electronics enthusiasts in the Suffolk area of the UK.