Next Suffolk RED event details

Suffolk RED 14 – Hallowtree Campsite IP10 0JP – 29th November – doors open at 7.30pm.

Confirmed Demonstrations

Steve 2E0TDN – Bring & Buy Stall  – All items you wish to sell please ensure your name & Callsign is clearly labeled on the item along with the desired price. At the end of the evening, if your item hasnt sold please collect it. We do not have storage facilities for unsold items.
Nigel G0EBQ-  Sierra Multiband Transceiver – (see full information below) Nigel will be demonstrating the latest edition to his radio collection.
Paul M0KIA – Build you own Halo antenna for 2m – price £6 pp – more details to follow.
Roy G4JAC – RDF Equipment – Top band DF receivers
In August four  people from FDARS attended this event Two have expressed an interest in building their own receivers and Roy has offered to provide circuit boards.
During the evening he will explain the various facilities that may be added to a basic set and discuss some compromises that have to be made.
Having an RF board plus extra boards that can be added to or replaced may be a way forward.
Suggestions for circuit improvements, not necessarily from those who wish to compete, will be welcome.

Kevin G8MXV – QRP-LABs QCX – Kevin will be demonstrating the features and functions of new QRP-LABs QCX QRP 5w CW Transceiver.
Chris G3XVL – CW Getting started Q&A Table – with various keys available to try out.
The Badge Engravers – Jim & Glynis will be on hand to engrave any new licencees badges – a small fee applies so make sure you bring at least £10
Some information about The Sierra Multiband Transceiver – Stef DM5TU has produced pcbs for both the band modules and main board with his friend Dirk DH4YM,on a non profit basis and in limited quantity,and these will be stocked by the GQRP Club who will also stock most of the more expensive or hard to get components including the card edge connector.This will be accompanied by an article in the Winter issue of “Sprat”,and with careful shopping and a reasonable junk box,it should be possible to build a 4 band transceiver of very reasonable performance for under £100.The prototype build will be on display.

The Sierra was designed by Wayne Burdick N6KR back in 1994.Its main feature was use of plug in band modules which greatly simplifies construction.It puts out 1-2W on any band from 160 to 10m,and is still capable of good performance particularly for portable operation whilst construction is relatively straightforward.If you would like to volunteer to hold a demo table at any Suffolk RED, please let us know, either by talking to one of the Steering Group at an event, or drop us an email: Contact Us there is six table spaces available at each Suffolk RED event. The demo must be where possible something people can participate in. If you would like to do a building project demo table, again do not hesitate to let one of us know.

If people would like to confirm they are attending and what it is you will be bringing we can add you to the list of ‘attractions’, this will help in generating interest to people wishing to attend.

please note that access to the site will not be permitted prior to the start time, this is to allow ample time for the demonstrators to set up etc.

Who can attend Suffolk RED?

Suffolk RED is open to all who have an interest in Radio & Electronics. Whether you are just starting out in the hobby with an M6 or now looking for something new to try your hand at, Suffolk RED is the place to pop along to.
It’s held every other month throughout the year on the last Wednesday of the month, organised by a collaboration of amateur radio and electronics enthusiasts in the Suffolk area of the UK.
Each event provides an opportunity to have an informal look at the many and varied aspects of the hobby and provide contacts if there is something you might be interested in taking further.
All ages welcome and our current venue has ample parking and disabled facilities.

Keep up to date with Suffolk RED News

We circulate news updates through a variety of channels see previous events page for more info.
If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact one of the Suffolk RED Steering Group via email: Contact us