About The Steering Committee

The Suffolk RED Steering Committee – In their own words.

The Suffolk RED Steering Committee – L-R Nick Coady M0NCP Leiston Representative, Keith Gaunt G7CIY Secretary & RSGB Representative, Sarah Jones 2E0ISJ Chairman, Alex Fitton M0USS Deputy Chairman, Kevin Ayris G8MXV Treasurer & FDARS Representative.

Suffolk RED Chairman – Sarah 2E0ISJ – “Hello I’m Sarah, I gained my M6 in March 2016 & 2E0 licence in September 2016 and I will be resitting my M0 having failed in July 2017.

Having been a volunteer on various RAYNET Duties alongside my father (M0JSA Chairman of FDARS) since 2012, I decided that it was daft I couldn’t use the radio and so it began.

Despite only recently ‘coming onto the scene’ recently, I was a CB ‘user’ back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, so I am to an extent familiar with the world of amateur radio. My main interests in the hobby is HF and Satellites & Metor Scatter and do love a build project! Hoping to get into SOTA & IOTA and DXpeditions.”

Suffolk RED Deputy Chairman – Alex M0USS – Alex gained his M0 in 2017 and met Sarah on their 2E0 training course.
“I’m Alex of Suffolk RED. I am fairly new to the hobby having only attained my foundation licence in July 2016.

I had always been interested in radio since a young age as my grandad was an avid CB’er and gave my first radio a well-used Fidelity CB2000FM when I was about 12. The first amateur radio event I attended was RED 4 and I’m proud to now support RED as a member of the committee and a full licence holder.”

Suffolk RED Secretary – Keith Gaunt G7CIY – “Hi – Most people probably already know me.  I’m Keith – G7CIY, co-founder of Suffolk RED and currently its Secretary.

I first got interested in radio through my Grandfather who had a CR100 receiver Marconi CR100 in his shed. I used to listen to amateurs and broadcasts from all over the world and had a particular interest in finding numbers stations. I  joined RAYNET in 1984 and passed my Class B license in 1986.

Current positions held: RSGB DRM Suffolk, County Controller – Suffolk RAYNET, Repeater Keeper – GB3PO and GB3IH, Secretary South Anglia Repeater Group, Member of Martlesham, Felixstowe and Leiston Radio Clubs”
Suffolk RED Treasurer – Kevin Ayriss G8MXV – “I’m Kevin G8MXV and founder member of Suffolk RED, and currently its Treasurer.

I have been interested in electronics and radio from a very early age and got my licence in 1977.  I moved to Suffolk in the early 1980s and and was active for a short while but other interests, model aircraft, photography took over. In 2011 I got back into the hobby and I  an interested in HF, CW, QRP, portable antennas, mag loops.

I am currently treasurer of FDARs and organiser for the ESWR rally.”
Suffolk RED Committee Member – Nick Coady M0NCP – “Hello I’m Nick, M0NCP, and I’m a member of the Suffolk RED Steering Committee.

I’ve been interested in radio communications for a long while, having been an enthusiastic early adopter of CB 27/81, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I decided to get a proper licence!  I obtained my Full licence in July 2017.  I operate mainly on HF SSB, although it is my ambition one day to master CW.

My background is in commercial radio as a broadcaster and producer, and I currently work in radio and television advertising as a voiceover artist and recording engineer.”